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Starling Insider Tips

Starling is a 2D visual presentation framework that is based on Adobe’s Stage3D technology (which enables super-fast rendering using the GPU on your desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, TV, etc.).  Make no mistake — it’s not just for gaming, but is the best way to bring screaming fast content to the desktop web, your favorite mobile devices and televisions.  One interesting note about Starling is that it makes it super-easy for existing Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR developers to develop against (mirrors existing API’s in Flash).  And fairly recently, it was announced that you will be able to seamlessly use Starling with Away3D — since it was recently made possible for multiple Stage3D frameworks to share the same Stage3D instance (details here).

Daniel Sperl recently presented at a CODAME event at Adobe’s SF offices.  Here’s his presentation — there are some great tips here so I highly recommend reviewing this content.

Starling 2D Framework: Insider’s Tips

SF Game Developer Meeting

I’m looking forward tonight to seeing Daniel Sperl’s presentation on the Starling 2D Framework and his insider tips for radical performance.

Also, Joshua Granick will be presenting on Haxe NME

Alec McEachran will be announcing Entity Systems.

Michelle Yaiser from Adobe will be talking about Adobe Developer Connection

It all starts @ 6:30PM PST.

To attend in person,
To attend virtually,

Protected: Publishing Adobe AIR 3.0 for TV on Reference Devices

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Adobe Flash Platform Runtime and SDK Archives

If you need to target an older version of Adobe AIR, especially if you are targeting device platforms (such as mobile phones and TVs), things can get a little tricky when you’re trying to match up versions: of Adobe Flash Builder (which was previously known as Adobe Flex Builder), Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex SDK, and a playerglobal.swc file that corresponds to a related Flash Player version.  Here’s a single resource to help you quickly find the files you need.

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Gaming Event @ Adobe SF
April 30, 2012, 10:58 am
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Join us tomorrow night – 6:30 @ Adobe’s SF office to learn more about 3D in Flash from @DerSchmale and Eight Successful Game Elements with Carlos Icaza.

For more information, go to — while we’re booked to capacity we will be streaming the event live using Adobe Connect.

Comparing Flash and HTML

There are several online resources that attempt to compare HTML[5] and Adobe Flash.

In particular, VentureBeat’s comparison sparked my interest in speaking up on this topic.  I had originally written this months ago as an internal document, but hadn’t gotten around to blogging about it until now.

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Adobe Flash and 3D

Molehill is a set of low-level API’s that allow Adobe Flash (and Adobe AIR) developers to be able to generate complex 2D, 2.5D and 3D graphics and aniimations highly efficiently — assuming that the appropriate GPU hardware exists on that platform and that Adobe Flash supports this platform.

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