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Tip: Improving Flash Builder Performance

If you are creating an Adobe AIR application (for desktop, iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc. devices) then there’s a step that you can take that will help improve Flash Builder performance generally, and compile-times explicitly — even for projects that also target the web.

Here’s how.

  • Remove playerglobal.swc references

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Flash Player 11.4 (and Adobe AIR 3.4) Launch Party!

Adobe Flash Player 11.4 and Adobe AIR 3.4 have just arrived!  The features included in these releases are huge!  (my personal favorite is the support for worker threads).

We’re throwing a party to celebrate tomorrow night ( Thursday, Aug 23, 6:30 at our Adobe SF office at 601 Townsend ) — and you’re welcome to join us!

Register here!

Starling Insider Tips

Starling is a 2D visual presentation framework that is based on Adobe’s Stage3D technology (which enables super-fast rendering using the GPU on your desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, TV, etc.).  Make no mistake — it’s not just for gaming, but is the best way to bring screaming fast content to the desktop web, your favorite mobile devices and televisions.  One interesting note about Starling is that it makes it super-easy for existing Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR developers to develop against (mirrors existing API’s in Flash).  And fairly recently, it was announced that you will be able to seamlessly use Starling with Away3D — since it was recently made possible for multiple Stage3D frameworks to share the same Stage3D instance (details here).

Daniel Sperl recently presented at a CODAME event at Adobe’s SF offices.  Here’s his presentation — there are some great tips here so I highly recommend reviewing this content.

Starling 2D Framework: Insider’s Tips

SF Game Developer Meeting

I’m looking forward tonight to seeing Daniel Sperl’s presentation on the Starling 2D Framework and his insider tips for radical performance.

Also, Joshua Granick will be presenting on Haxe NME

Alec McEachran will be announcing Entity Systems.

Michelle Yaiser from Adobe will be talking about Adobe Developer Connection

It all starts @ 6:30PM PST.

To attend in person,
To attend virtually,

Improving ADL performance on Macs
July 19, 2012, 10:35 am
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When I was doing some performance benchmarking with Starling, I noticed that the AIR runtime performance when invoked from within Flash Builder was only 5% of the performance when running on the AIR desktop runtime.  Adobe Flash Builder invokes ADL when previewing application content.  The reason that ADL is running so slow is because it runs in debug mode by default.

But you can make ADL run just as fast in AIR on the desktop.

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Adobe AIR 3.0 on TV (developer toolchain)
June 26, 2012, 1:38 pm
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This is a first draft.  Enjoy.🙂

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Protected: Publishing Adobe AIR 3.0 for TV on Reference Devices

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